The Breathing Cloud


Behind the Collection

The Breathing Cloud is the result of a discovery in 1999 of a 40’ Douglas fir log that appeared after a two-day, 16” rainstorm on the west end of our farm. The 267-year-old timber was buried for 100 years or so most likely functioning as a dam for the Swiss dairy farmers who settled this valley beginning in the second decade of the twentieth century. It landed 150 feet behind a farm member’s home and he came to get us the morning he discovered it. It was hard as a rock and looked like a dinosaur it was so large and primal.

Fourteen years later I took on the project of creating something from the wood.  Alongside my friend and architect Craig Baumhaufer, I designed and built the building in the fall of 2014. We built it on a 21” radius as Craig insisted. It is a brilliant little building and structurally a fortress.

The roof form is drawn from the timbered walkways at Salishan Lodge just 25 miles south of us. The simple post, beam and truss structure operates on the curve so that when the roof was applied we just attached the 14-inch 2 x 12’s to the structure without requiring a cut.

Although cars park beneath it, I consider it sculpture more than anything.


Behind The Breathing Cloud 

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