Behind the Collection

My parents were both architects and I grew up going around to buildings on weekends to “kick” job sites like you kick the tires when you look at used cars. My mother remodeled our two homes growing up on a regular basis so I saw her drawings change the lives we lived. My dad did all the work that she drew up.

In college I was pulled to design and actually ended up in film and animation along with painting and printmaking. But I always knew that designing my home was something I wanted to do. I shared that dream with one of my good friends from school, and that guy ended up being my brother-in-law, Joe Goodrich.

Along with my sister we invested in this land with the intent of building our homes, fulfilling that dream. When we started in 1978 we did not have running water or power on site. By 1980, when I started on my building, water and power had been developed. We drew inspiration from Japanese farm buildings and collected books about Japanese architectural styles and different periods. Our extended family compound is a sort of farm village out here in the valley near the coast.

We both initially used post and beam with a skin of 2” x 6” pine or hemlock for walls and insulated on the outside with sheets of firm insulation. It was a pretty straightforward and quick form popular on this part of the coast in the early 1970’s —Cascade Head Ranch pole buildings being an example.

The initial building of 850 sq. ft. I built in 1980 and added to in 1984 making it 1900 sq. ft, with the studio and an additional guest room, master bedroom, pantry and second bathroom. In 1996 we added a wing dedicated to the kitchen, and in 2006 we reconfigured the original building changing the stairway and bathroom for a safer rise and separating WC and shower functions. The house is around 2600 sq. ft.

Our home is our greatest asset as we enjoy it everyday. We remark daily how grateful we are to have had the choices we have had. In 1980, we decided we would live simply, do what we could to create community here, and make a lifestyle that was low-impact, debt-free and beautiful. We continue to work on that vision.