Behind the Collection

My most lucid work was creating a series of large ship paintings in pastel, especially the water and surfaces that I attacked physically with more abandon.

My work on rivers with ships and buildings developed as an escape from the figurative work I had done for about ten years. I visited a friend, Seth Tane, who was living on a ship in NY harbor. The ship was a 1932 great lakes oil tanker, 138’ steel hull ship with beautiful art deco lines and old oxidized paint that had rust and heavy hardware that made for great compositions.

Every visit for a few years I took photographs and translated them to pastels and oils. Later I took small boats onto the Willamette River in Portland and explored below the ships waiting to go into drydock. Amazing vertical architecture and colors next to sky and water. I was intoxicated with the scale of these places and the floating architectural sculpture I experienced there.

Until I left Sitka Center in 2006, the ships, water and buildings were my most intimate places to go for imagery.